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Integrated Therapies



Usui Reiki Ryoho is a system for natural healing developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. The goal of Reiki healing is to assist the body in restoring energetic balance for the well-being and health of mind, body, and spirit. 

Reiki is non-invasive and gentle, which makes it an ideal tool to calm and relax nervous, anxious horses. 


I am certified through Dragonfly Reiki,, as an advanced Okuden Master Reiki practitioner. 


I often offer Reiki and polarity therapy to horse's at the beginning and end of their sessions to calm and balance their mind and body. My Reiki training has also helped me develop a better "feel" and awareness of where each horse needs to be treated most.


Red Light Photonic Acupressure

Red light therapy, RLT, involves having low-power red light wavelength at 660nm emitted directly through the skin, at which point it has positive effects on cellular energy and multiple nervous and metabolic processes.

RLT has been shown to increase the rate of would healing & tissue repair and improve joint & musculoskeletal health by NASA and university  research.

I specifically use RLT to stimulate key acupoints, reduce joint inflammation, and reduce poll & back pain.


Electro acupressure

Electro acupressure and electro muscle therapy are hybrid bodywork modalities that combine modern science with traditional Chinese medicine acupressure. Energy meridians and specific acupoints are stimulated for a fast, effective method of relieving muscular pain and maximizing athletic performance. This therapy uses a mild electrical current to promote circulation, invigorate the muscles, and relieve pain without the use of drugs.

Electro acupressure is often my chosen "go to" therapy at horse shows.

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dit da jow

Dit da jow therapy is a Chinese medicine specialty known as Fall and Hit Medicine. It was one of the original therapies to treat traumatic injury and pain.

 It includes external herbal applications in the forms of poultices, salves, and liniments. 

Dit da jow is generally an analgesic liniment or salve traditionally preferred by martial artists.

This therapy is believed to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing of injuries and wounds. 

I have learned how to make and apply Dit da jow herbal treatments from Don & Lisa Doran, whom learned and were certified in these therapies in China. 

I make these salves and liniments in small batches from high quality, organic herbs and oils.

The specific Dit da jow recipes I use on the horses, and their riders, are a muscle salve, joint salve, and

tendon and ligament liniment. 

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