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Charlotte Bredahl

Olympic Bronze Medalist

U.S. Dressage Development Coach

Christy has been working on my horses and some of my clients horses for several years. She does a fantastic job and I can really feel a difference. The horses love her and she can really pin point any issues that need addressed. I highly recommend her!


Kathleen Raine

Two-time Olympic dressage team alternate, FEI Nations Cup Silver medalist, 

and FEI World Games Bronze medalist

Christy is incredibly perceptive and intuitive when dealing with our horses and always takes her time when treating them.


She has helped so many of our horses, ranging from top upper level to our young sport horses, and everything in between. They all have benefited and are more comfortable in their everyday work! 


Julie Shannon

Dressage Instructor, trainer, and owner of Shannondale Farm

USEF Elite Training Center

Christy DiColla is part of Shannondale Farms regular wellness care for our equine athletes.

Her techniques enhance muscle performance and prolong the effects of chiropractic care.

The horse's are her biggest fans!

bernini tryon 2016.jpg

Erica Gelb

Owner & Trainer at Hunters Glen Equestrian Center

Christy has been working on our horses at Hunters Glen for a year now. Her demeanor is so calm and relaxing to the horses and her knowledge of the anatomy and muscles of the horse is impressive. Her talent with our performance sport horses gives us ease and confidence they are getting the best treatment by someone who not only cares but is certified with the correct knowledge. I highly recommend Christy to anyone looking to improve their horses well being and see noticeable results. She uses many different approaches during her sessions including magnawave, kinesiology taping, massage, stretching, and much more. We are so lucky to have Christy come to our farm to work on our horses. 



Ed Dabney

Clinician, Instructor, Head Wrangler for Sleepy Hollow TV show,

Owner of Dabney Gentle Horsemanship Center

I am happy to give Christy DiColla my highest recommendations for her very effective and professional equine massage therapy. I consider Christy an important member of professionals we use at our training and rehab facility to help evaluate and treat horses that are sent to us. Christy also regularly treats my personal horses. Christy's intensive care and treatment of one of my horses that had a serious muscle injury absolutely healed this horse and returned him to complete soundness. It is very beneficial that Christy uses a variety of treatment methods depending on the particular needs of each individual horse. I am very impressed with Christy's extensive knowledge of equine muscle/skeletal system, biomechanics, and natural homeopathic remedies. I am honored to have Christy as part of our "team"!


Karey & Allison Hopkins

Rocking M Stables Riding Team

Allison Hopkins 2016 USEF Dressage Seat Medal Champion

Christy is the very best in her field! She has been an integral part of brining our older dressage horse from pasture to earning the best 2nd and 3rd level scores in his career! She has such a calming presence with both horses and people. Christy will instantly get a read for what is best for your horse and use the latest techniques tailored to the horse's needs. We love her documentation she gives for your records so we can track the progress in each muscle group. I highly recommend Christy DiColla. She is a consummate professional that can make a real difference in your horse's performance and well being. We couldn't do without her.


Dr. Diane Febles, DVM, CVA

Veterinary Equine Dentistry & Acupuncture

Call Christy DiColla for equine massage therapy for your horse.

My equine athletes love to see her coming!


Susan Lucas

Dressage Rider

Christy has been working her magic to help my horses for many years now. In addition to helping them be comfortable and supple as their training progresses, she's made a huge difference in their competitive success. My scores are always 5-6 points higher when she's worked on them before we show!


Karen Bates

Equine Nutritionist

Wholesome Equine Nutrition

Christy has been working on my upper level dressage mare for years on an almost monthly basis and I can personally testify to the remarkable results we have seen. I can describe Christy as a thorough and knowledgeable therapist who is very tuned in to the the horse. She has different techniques and will listen to both owner and horse to adjust accordingly. When I have to choose between massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic I will definitely try and keep the massage on the monthly program as I have personally found it gives us the best results that will last the longest.

She is definitely part of the team to keep the "whole" horse at its best.

My mare and I both look forward to and enjoy her visits!


Elizabeth Dabney

Clinician, Instructor,  Wrangler for Sleepy Hollow TV show,

Diamond D Cowgirls, National Champion Drill Team

Aussie was great at drill team practice last night. He is usually pushing to go faster and I am always holding him back but last night we were loping around with a loose rein and his head was relaxed and he maintained a slow gait! That is a big deal for him! Thank you for all you have done to help him!


Janice Dulak

Pilates for Dressage

I wanted to thank you again for working on my horse. I saw the change immediately! The day I got home

after you worked on him, I took him out to move him around before trailering to my lesson. I put him on the circling game and holy cow.! He was up in his shoulders and round in his neck with his head down. Then I had my lesson and he was moving like my old Roo. Better even. Forward and easy and stretching into the was great.


Ester Jane

Owner & Trainer at Southern Crown Equestrian Center

Christy has been working on Southern Crown Equestrian Centers horses since we opened. She works with each horse depending on what the horses body is telling her they need. She is truly amazing, knowledge, professional, and just over all a asset to the farm!!!!


Kay Johnson

Kay Johnson Performance Horses

Thank you so much to Christy DiColla. Amazing job with noticeably results on the horses.

I would highly recommend to all my horsey peeps : )


Karen McGoldrick

USDF Gold Medalist, L Judge, author of "The Dressage Chronicles"

Today Gia had a massage/bodywork by therapist Christy DiColla. So patient with my girl who was really insecure about all the touch. Christy found ways to get her to relax and enjoy bits and pieces. Christy has a wonderful quiet manner and also has a background in dressage, natural horsemanship, and liberty training. Highly recommend!


Patti Dirkson

Horse lover and rider

Christy DiColla I want to tell you how amazing you are!!! I was grooming Fergie and when I got to her right side she was moving away and nipping at me. So Thought, "What would Christy do?" I used some of the massage techniques you showed me and within fifteen minutes she was relaxed and let me continue grooming. I am awed and amazed by what you do!!!

Thank you so much for helping Fergie feel the best she has ever felt.

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